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"Hugo is an absolute pro, he integrated himself in our business as an true honest owner, making us feel very supported. He understood our challenges and was able to provide brilliant expertise and clever solutions that developed our operations and grew our trade sustainably.”

- The Chelsea Pensioner

"Hugo's turnaround knowledge and belief drove the change at London Fields Brewery. He was able to implement the strategy and deliver a long term operational plan which led to financial solidity, new business generation and brand awareness within the consumer and wholesalers market. He was paramount in setting the company for growth and subsequent sale to Carlsberg UK. His brand and consumer knowledge were key in helping bridge LFB culture with our corporate environment.”

- London Fields Brewery / Carlsberg UK / Brooklyn Brewery

“Turnaround Hospitality worked with us on everyday financial and operational need required to launch our coffee shop. Having worked on projects years before, we still found working with Hugo to be instrumental in helping us create strategies surrounding brand, setup, menu guidance, management team training and growth, and cost efficiencies.”


- Moustache Coffee House - Porto

"Six months after opening, Hugo helped us turnaround our business, as it was in need of financial and operational restructuring. Together, we implemented the changes needed to support the financial plan and to grow trade. His input was knowledgeable and critical in determining our operational steps. He helped us diversify our revenues and provided tools in order to achieve a long-term successful commercial operation."

- The Archivist

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