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Why Do You Work In Hospitality? Do You Know?

Watching Simon Sinek's remarkable TED talk 10 years ago, I was left with a question i was not fully equipped to answer - Why do you work in Hospitality? I knew what I did as a job and how to do the role - but I did not know why I did it. Do you?

I have been working in hospitality for over 15 years and in this time, I have launched, redeveloped, turnaround and opened businesses backed by private equity backing big hotel expansions; breweries; pubs; high street chains; nightclubs; award-winning live music venues and even cabaret restaurants to name a few.

When the pandemic hit our country and the hospitality industry started to closed down, hitting our jobs and posing a greater danger to business owners, the seed that was planted by #simonsinek started to bloom.

It made me think of all all the businesses I had managed and ask myself - Why was I in this industry? Why did I loved it so much? Why did it matter? What can you do?

Having worked with big corporations with funds to spare no matter the costs (red-tape central), I knew I was best when working with the 'dreamer' entrepeneur. The one who had a good idea, no funds apart from some savings or the bank of mom and dad but they somehow have the sheer will and determination to suceed - the Independent Business Owner. These undervalued rock stars are the reason I continue to work in hospitality.

And thats when Turnaround Hospitality was born. It was born out of a desire and sheer will to help small business owners. To help the fellow entrepreneurs, risk-takers and start-ups navigate the trading challenges of this ever changing competitive industry.

I know I have been there and done it. It is now time to help the small independent business owner suceed, and thats why I love this industry!! I finally know why I do this - I have found my purpose.

How Can I Help?

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